Dezincification of bronze/brass alloy fittings can lead to weakness of skin fittings and, in extreme cases, complete failure of the equipment. This could cause uncontrolled flooding of your boat.

If you can't see the video on your phone, please try holding your phone in landscape :)

We came across this example, kindly provided by local marine engineer, Neil Astbury of Suire Marine and Industrial and took the chance to take a look - watch, to get an idea of what dezincification can do and what it may look like. A short, sharp, spur-of-the-moment video, so comments/critique welcome :)

Never take any risk when testing skin fittings/hull valves. We recommend regular maintenance to prevent stiffness, seizing and failure. If a valve hasn't been operated for a long time, is corroded, is leaking or feels stiff, always leave it to a professional to check -quickly. This video is for information purposes only.

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