As Boatshed's Environmental Manager, it'd be rude of me not to try and help this lovely gent pass on a piece of history - SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE IS LOOKING FOR THIS ENGINE!

Believed to be a 1923 4 Cylinder Morris Cowley engine that came from a 1926, 28 foot Demeter.

The engine is located in Lake Hopatcong NJ 07849 USA.

Here's what the owner says:

"All I can tell you about the engine is that I believe it is a 1923 Morris Crowley 4 Cylinder 15HP gasoline powered engine. I suspect it originally came out of a Morris Cowley car as the hand crank shaft remains.

There is a transmission with shifter attached and It has been altered, replacing the closed loop radiator systems with an open sea water cooling system. The only numbers/information I found on it are:

“Morris”, "MM8031 V”, “75 G 2551” and “M8055".

I pulled it out of a 28 foot, Demeter boat I am restoring and I'm replacing it with an electric motor. Before the decision was made to replace it, I pulled the manifold off and had it sandblasted and powder coat painted. (I can provide pictures of it if useful) I also have what I believe to be the original carburetor pictured below.

The engine is not operational. I made a minimal effort to manually “turn” the engine so I consider it to be seized. The story I was told is that the last time it ran was in the early 1990s when the Demeter it was in, sank.

Apparently the boat was quickly re-floated and then sat in storage with the engine still in it until recently. (No work has been done to clean the engine so the pictures show the external condition of engine when I pulled it from the Demeter)

The engine is located in Lake Hopatcong NJ 07849 USA."

Contact the owner direct at for details.

Let's get this engine a great new home!