When securing your boat alongside, a little care can go a long way!

Many people cheese their ropes down on the dock/jetty - our opinion is that this should take place on your deck, away from people, the dockside and cleats/bollards.

Why do we cheese ropes down?

· It's neat and tidy - great when you're selling your boat!
· Wet rope can dry quicker and last longer
· Less of a tripping hazard

We recommend you cheese any loose ends down - like this, but on your deck:

How do we do it? Simple! Just lay the rope on the deck and starting with the loose end that will form the centre, start to wind it in either direction. You may have to get onto your hands and knees to turn it, as the cheese grows in size.

The end of the tail is in the centre and the remainder is coiled flat around it in a tight spiral, so that the finished coil looks like a spiral rope mat lying on the deck - also known as a cheese!

Never cheese down if the end of the rope may need to go quickly through a block, as it may well snag.

The example below shows an owner who simply may not care about their boat - or the people around them and represents:

· A tangle of rope that may not dry and will rot
· A real tripping hazard for other people
· A possible neglected and under-invested in boat
· An entanglement hazard for wildlife
· The boat is not secured alongside properly, on the cleat

A little effort goes a long way when paying attention to the slightest details - invaluable when considering your investment in your boat and others around you.

Stay tuned for more tips and how-tos, from the people that know :)

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