1. Check engine & gearbox oil, water, impeller, belts, anodes, mounts, fuel, leaks, wiring
    2. Check stern seal
    3. Safety kit – stowed correctly and checked
    4. Skin fittings – free to move and not weeping. Clean log impeller
    5. Check sails and rig for damage and tension, check winches
    6. Clean and polish exterior
    7. Declutter interior and empty wipe/out bilge
    8. Check all nav gear works
    9. Check galley equipment works
    10. Clean/refresh water tanks

    Disclaimer: all comments, advice, checks and content are purely our own views and you should always consult a practising professional in all respects. All views are our own. Always ensure the boat is safe to approach and secured against movement by qualified professionals. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Take no risk. Do not base any diagnosis or financial commitment upon this advice. We hope you enjoy :)