Philippe Péché and Antoine Cousot to retire from the RaceJean-Luc Van Den Heede first round Cape of Good HopeNorwegian Are Wiig (OE 32 Olleanna) and Ireland’s Gregor McGuckin (Biscay 36 Hanley Energy Endurance) trailing some 830 miles behind Matmut in 3rd and 4th place within the fleet. Péché, who led the race down the Atlantic, also suffered damage to his steering, but it was a call to his partner via the satellite phone reserved solely for communication with GGR HQ, that demoted him to the Chichester Class. He was warned via text message on 13th August not to use the satellite phone again, and later offered an 18-hour time penalty and remain in the GGR class because the call to his partner did not provide any real outside assistance. That could have allowed Péché to continue in the Chichester Class once he had stopped for repairs in Cape Town where outside assistance is required.Meanwhile, two other French sailors, Antoine Cousot (Biscay 36 Métier Intérim) and Philippe Péché (Rustler 36 PRB) will be forced to pull out of the Race on arrival in port. Both had already been demoted to the Chichester Class for those who make one stop or seek outside assistance.