Sail Maintenance and Repair Workshop (Nov 2018)

We are planning to hold another Saturday morning workshop on Saturday 3rd November starting at 10:30 at the club where Phil and Jeremy from Nicky's Canvasworks (one of our local suppliers - and sponsors) have kindly agreed to talk to us about our sails and how to look after them.

Topics will include :

Different materials used for sails & different types of sail construction (main sails, genoas, spinnakers – symmetric and asymmetric)

Appropriate storage – how to flake or roll sails to avoid damage including appropriate fitting covers to protect sails

Signs of fatigue – UV damage to dacron sails, de-lamination of laminate sailsCommon areas of wear & tear to spot on sails and how to help protect. Eg: shroud/spreader protectors, sail guards

Valeting sails – benefits to valeting your sails & covers & how it prolongs their life including the various options; anti-fungal 'M5' treatment & 'Seal-n-Glide'On-board repairs – how to quick fix/get you home; this will include our pre-made packs

Phil and Jeremy will be bringing examples of sails & sail material for all to see and questions will be encouraged as we go.