Boatshed Brighton Yacht Brokers can proudly announce the passing of a major hurdle – our 200th sold boat!

Our amazing stats:

· We SAVE our sellers £2384 on average in berthing fees alone, through faster sales

· More TOP RATINGS than any other local brokers!

· Over one MILLION registered users – more people looking at your boat for sale!

Read on to learn about our story from the beginning, with a small boy’s love of boats and the sea, culminating in hundreds of satisfied boat sellers, boat buyers and an enthusiastic, professional team, dedicated to open, transparent and fast boat sales!

Sea was definitely coursing around my veins, as I taught myself to sail in a small dinghy - it quickly became an obsession! This led to 25years’ marine engineering in the Royal Navy, encompassing all aspects of all warships, except the weapons and the helicopter - yes – everything except the glamorous bits! I had all aspects of the Ship’s engineering systems under my wing at one time or another.

As I matured, I progressed to a Royal Navy patrol boat chief engineer and serving in the first Gulf War. I then returned, overseeing warship refits and maintenance. Following this, I took up a role in a Portsmouth Dockyard business improvement team, seconded to British Aerospace. This led to a great interest in quality – something that I uphold to this day. I used all of my experience to achieve a Masters degree in Engineering and Management before I retired and registered as an Incorporated Engineer. This interest in providing a quality service may have contributed to our incredible popularity as yacht brokers now and rapid attraction of top ratings.

I retired from the Royal Navy and bought my own boat –through Boatshed! I enjoyed the experience so much that I wondered about starting my own brokerage in the Brighton area and here we are today – 7 years later and over 200 boats sold! I’d already started a new engineering role, looking after critical data centres and British Airways property at Heathrow and Gatwick, culminating as Head of Facilities at the National Theatre, before the lure of the sea became too much and I dropped my day job to concentrate entirely upon boat sales and helping boat owners to make the best of their boats.

So how do I do this? Well, I use the best and possibly the biggest platform in the world -, with over 1,018,000 registered users - this is a major achievement and rising every day! This means that buyers can tell us exactly what they want and we can instantly match buyers with sellers. It’s a well tried and very successful formula that helps to provide quicker sales, so can save boat sellers lots of money in berthing, maintenance, insurance and defects - £2384 on average.

As we’ve grown, so has the team – we’re now a team of five: Dan, Kiaran, Mike and Luke - all boat lovers, boat owners and berth holders in the region. We work together as a team to make sure the right things happen at the right time and we’re always on hand for guidance and advice, which people really seem to appreciate.

During my time as a broker, I’ve sadly come across plenty of boats that haven’t received the best care and attention from their owners, so I recently started another sister company - Boatcare Sussex - to provide an advisory and management service for owners, purely to help preserve the quality and value of their boats and many people have benefited so far. This means that boatowners can get the best from their boats whilst they own them and realise the best price when the day comes to sell. My engineering and yachting experience are really well placed to advise and assist with yachts, motor boats, outboard engines, diesels and all aspects of marine engineering.

So, to sum up – we’re here for all your boating needs. Remember:

· Over a million registered users

· More top reviews than all other local brokers

· Expertise in all aspects of boating and engineering

· Faster sales can lead to big savings!

Call us on 01273 005472 or 079200 22540 for sell your boat FAST!

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