Tim is a very hardworking chap who insists on getting the job done properly, a very smooth purchase would recommend getting in touch for buying or selling your vessel. Thanks Tim and Boatshed for all your help. Kind Regards Jeff

- Jeff, September 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

Many thanks for your help in getting a smooth purchase. Kindest Regards Jeff

- Jeff, September 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

I found your knowledge very helpful!

- Mary, September 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

The ad itself looks good as well, so thanks to you and Luke for coming down and doing a great job.

- Ian, August 2018 | Boatshed Brighton

Boatshed Brighton are the best, always on hand for advice and guidance. Thank you - as ever.

- Siobhan, August 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

Thank you so much for everything Tim, you've been such a great help through every part of the process. We feel extremely lucky to have such wonderful support as we begin our #boatlife!

- Michael, August 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

You are a star!

- Helena, August 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

The photos and videos of the boat are great. Sets it off really well. I love the 360 video as well.

- John, August 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

That Fairline has done very well, I got talking to the owner the other day and we both agree how super your services are :)

- Matt, August 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

So pleased with the boat and your services, will always recommend you and Boatshed.

- Mike, July 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

Hi everyone! I decided to buy a boat about half year ago. I had lot’s of difficulties to find the right boat what is suit for me, find survey, insurance company etc. but i always got stuck in some points. I almost gived up, then i found a telephone number on Boatshed Brighton. When i called the number a really friendly guy answered my call! Finally i found someone who were able to answered all my questions, and give me the right direction! Thank you Tim! if you have same situation just contact Tim! I am sure he will help you just like he helped me! Again thank you Tim and Boatshed Brighton!

- Robert, July 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

Being a novice when it comes to Boat buying, Boatshed Brighton Yacht Brokers have been a godsend. Tim has helped me by offering advice, tips, knowledge and not once has he rebuked me. Literally, Tim is just one of lives good guys and if you're looking at buying a boat... Tim is your man!

- Col, July 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

My partner and I have been extremely lucky to have Tim and Boatshed Brighton guiding us through the purchase of our first boat. From the informative and helpful videos on the website to sage advice throughout the buying process we could not recommend Boatshed Brighton more highly :)

- Michael, July 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

A good, professional service, well tailored to suit individual clients and boats.

- Stewart, July 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

You guys sure sold my boat super fast last year too keep up the good work #1

- Matt, July 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

I wish we'd come to you first!

- Penny, Mar 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

We should have come to you first!

- Greg, March 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

You were very good value, there was no way I would've had time to do everything myself, very pleased.

- Richard, March 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

Incidentally, of all the salespeople I've come across you are definitely the most entertaining and, undoubtedly, a great salesman but unlike most sales people you come across as totally genuine. Keep up the good work!

- James, June 2019 | Boatshed Brighton

Tim was absolutely amazing.

- Mark, June 2019 | Boatshed Brighton