5 tips to help you and your boat through survey day:

· Everything clean: So the surveyor can see things better - don't make life harder for them than it already is!

· Everything works: You'll undoubtedly be knocked down for things that don't work

· List of defects: If you can't get everything to work, be up front and provide a list - this saves them time

· Don’t sit on their shoulder: The surveyor has work to do - you'll slow them down and hinder them

· Don’t hide anything: It WILL be found by the surveyor - put it on the list!

At Boatshed Brighton Yacht Brokers, our qualified skills include engineering, skippering, GRP inspection, diesels, outboard motors and boat refit management.

We're the best placed brokers in Sussex to sell your boat with complete knowledge and experience in all aspects of boat sales and boat ownership.

See here for lots of video clips about GRP, hulls and underwater fittings. Watch the clip below for the first of an 8 part series about "What To Look At Underneath Your Boat".

Watch us for more tips - if you're considering selling your boat, just go here.

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