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Boatshed Brighton The Engine House,
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Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1AX

About Michal Trela

I started working with Boatshed Brighton in September 2019.

What did you do before working with Boatshed?
My boat experience started pretty early as some of the first words I ever said were : "daddy draw me a boat". As a child I used to spend days by a river watching passing boats but the best memories from these days were the sea boat trips with my dad. From that point for many years my life was spinning around everything but boats. I dedicated ten years to studying art and architecture and over twenty years to all sorts of mountaineering and aviation sports including glider planes , speed wings and recently my very old dream, BASE jumping.

When eleven years ago I moved to Brighton I felt like there was something important missing in my life so to try a totally new adventure I bought an old sea kayak and.. got hooked up. My soloist mountaineer mindset gave me a fair bit of confidence and mental comfort when out at Sea on my own. I could spend days out paddling along the coast camping in various random spots. It was great fun until I injured my back and had to give up the sport but something out there was calling me to come back.
In the meantime I volunteered for the Sussex Search and Rescue and soon became a search technician and a team first aider. Although this job was a fantastic thing to do it also had a massive impact on my every day life... At some point I needed a change. I felt it was the right time to get a boat.

What attracted you to become part of the Boatshed team?
As I grew my Sea legs I realised how many people around me have similar dreams but no idea how to make them come true and that is why I'm very excited to be a member of the local Boatshed Team!

Are you a motorboater or a sailor?
I live on a good old Moody 33 MK II , moored in Brighton Marina, occasionally the Sovereign Harbour. You can find me sailing or power boating the South East and the Solent waters.

What is your most memorable boating experience?
I bought a boat to live on and sail. Dedicated all my free time to studying her and learning everything I could about sailing. There were days when I got in some trouble out there but there were moments of incredible happiness and total freedom. Lots of experiences I will never forget and I'm willing to share.